Length: 185mm/7,4inch
Barrel Length: 92,5mm/3,7inch
Mag. Capacity: 17 Rounds
Standard mag: 16087
Holster: 19639
Hop up type: None
Velocity: 116ms/380fps
Weight: 595gr/1,3lb
Energy: 2,4 joule


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A black version of the semi automatic 4.5mm (.177) CZ 75D Compact, licensed by Česká Zbrojovka, Czech Republic. The airgun has authentic CZ markings and unique serial number. The front waiver rails give you the opportunity to mount laser and flashlight. The rear sight is adjustable to secure better accuracy. The magazine holds 17 BB’s and also stores the 12g CO2 cartridges. The Magazine is protected with a rubber base, so it doesn’t break easily if it is dropped. The grip is rubber patted and with the high rise beavertail, it secures a firm grip with perfect control. The pistol comes with a tool allowing you to change the CO2 cartridges in the magazine and unscrew the front to unveil the silencer threads.



  • Barrel threaded for silencer.
  • Adjustable rear sight.
  • Accessory rail.
  • Rubber grip.
  • Non-blowback.


Real Steel History:

The renowned CZ Model 75 is a landmark in pistol engineering. Even in 1975 when it was unveiled, it was a highly demanded pistol across the USA and Europe for its smooth functionality, high magazine capacity and sheer ergonomic elegance.

This legendary pistol was created by legendary pistol designer Frantisek Koucky who aimed to innovate on other popular pistols at the time like the Browning high power, with an innovative sense of ergonomics. Originally, it was designed for use by Czech police due to its lighter frame and smaller size which made it easier to draw. Additionally, the real steel version of this pistol included a de-cocking feature which gave police officers more control over their firearm and put the “D” into CZ 75D Compact.